The history of my watches:

It all begin when I purchased a watch thru an artists painting catalog in the mid 1990's. I'm a cat lover and was making things that had cats in them, so I painted this watch with a cat in it.

About ten years later, in 2006, I was looking on eBay for seahorse items when I found these little tiny dried seahorse. I thought about the watch that I had painted the cat in and wondered if the tiny seahorse would fit, so I ordered some. I had some white sand left over from a garden project, so I spred glue on the watch, added the sand then glued the seahorse in place.  The tiny shells in this watch are from a beach near Perham, Minnesota.

I started looking for other sea life on eBay and came up with the tiny sand dollars, starfish, abalone chips and apple blossom shells that make up the Seahorse watch.  The sand in all the sealife watches is from the same lake where I picked up the tiny shells. 

Then I found small charms, started collecting dried leaves and many other things to put in them. I have even found tiny feathers and tiny mice bones to add to my watches.

I love working on them, coming up with different ideas and working on custom orders.